Bigg Boss 13- Vishal Aditya Singh’s friend Ashish Sharma – Hitting someone with so much rage is criminal

TV actor Ashish Sharma, who is a close friend of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Vishal Aditya Singh, took to social media to express his anger and frustration against Madhurima Tuli for his violent behavior.
The actor shared a lengthy post on his Instagram account and described Madhurima’s behavior as violent and unacceptable. He requested the channel to take strict action against him and not encourage such violent behavior. He also described Madhurima and Vishal’s relationship as toxic.
Ashish said that Vishal recently narrated a traumatic incident from his childhood, molested by three grown boys. He had also shared his struggle to get out of the trauma and accept his manhood.

Ashish said that by repeatedly calling him Behenji, Madhurima was trying to kill him at the same place. In a seven-page long note, Ashish said that a male contestant must have come to jail had he behaved like Madhurima. He said that violence is violence and he stands with Vishal on it.
Ashish wants the matter to be treated with equality and not on the basis of gender. The Rangarasiya actor feels that Madhurima is visibly unstable and has severe anger issues.
He also questioned the producers of the show if they were waiting for some complaint and demanded that he be dropped from the show.
Take a look at the long post.

For Nirlept, Madhurima and Vishal had a small tiff as the former called him ‘Behenji’. Upset by her taunt, Vishal threw water on her. Bigg Boss intervenes and tells him not to play with water as it will damage the cameras and the mic. Soon, the matter escalated when Vishal threw water on Madhurima’s face and he hit her repeatedly on her bum with a frying pan.
In the episode that aired on January 15, Madhurima spent some time in jail but then blamed Vishal for abetting her.

His fate will be decided in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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