BIGG BOSS 13 – UPDATE Arhaan Khan says Sidharth Shukla would have hit Rashami


Bigg Boss 13 saw a surprise expulsion in the last episode of 2019. Arhan Khan was opted out of the reality show hosted by Salman Khan. Arhan, who has been very close to Rashmi Desai and had feuds with Siddharth Shukla on his behalf, has now spoken about this. He also said that his past, including his first marriage, was discussed.

Arhan is among the three contestants with the fewest votes for the past few weeks. Talking with the Times of India in an interview, Arhan said, “Everybody has a past and mine too. There was some misunderstanding that was also cleared by Salman Khan sir. You must have seen, we will be out for an hour. Within became normal when the subject came up (about her child). Everyone has to face some obstacles in life and we also have our share of ups and downs. I have not seen in the last 13 seasons. It went to discuss someone’s personal life. It was very unfortunate that this discussion. But I’ve made my relationship with happy that all rays and strong. “


Bigg Boss 13 viewers batted for Arhaan, Rashmi | Public review

“You should have seen that Siddharth took off my shirt during the fight. I only intervened to save Rashmi. In fact, I could retaliate but I did not do as I wanted Salman Sir to notice the violence. The battle was going on and Salman sir suddenly came and we could not find time to change and I had to sit there with that shirt. Siddharth must have killed Rashmi, I did not interfere in that fight. And everyone felt it to me. I did not make my shirt an issue as I felt it was more important to discuss Sadihar’s comment on Ladi’s remarks against Rashmi, ”he said.

However, he also said that Kamya Punjabi and other celebs were not wrong to criticize him. They don’t know me personally so everything they have said on social media is based on trolls or other opinions Have seen Aadhaar. If they know me personally, I am sure their views will change, “she told the daily. Kamya, Devolina Punjabi Rashmi since then Sector are expressing their concerns when he proposed them in the show.

Arhan was also ejected from the show earlier, but re-entered the house as a wild card entry.


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