Sunny Leone also entered the Bigg Boss 13 set with a beautiful cake to celebrate Salman’s cake. He said the cake was for the new year, Salman’s newborn niece, his birthday and Dabangg 3’s success. He also tried Salman’s dialogue with Dabangg 3 and everyone laughed.

Salman then offered his macaroons and asked him to word his mouth with a macaroon in his mouth. He has tough Hindi words like Ullaghan (disobedience) and Romachak (adventure), which overcame him and made him lose the game. Sunny also included Sunny Deol’s famous dialogue – two and a half kilos of hand and Teri Pe Taraik. Sunny also impressed Salman with her hit number Baby Doll.

The caller of the week asked Siddharth why he was fighting with Rashmi if he had already apologized to her. Siddharth said that this was his confusion, adding that he ended the confusion and never apologized. (There was never any quarrel or heated debate between us). He also claimed that Rashmi was the one who instigated him and that he never initiated fights inside the house.

weekend ka war with salman khan
weekend ka war with salman khan

Rashmi then said that Siddharth often makes creative changes to the script of the show, which they worked on together, to which Siddharth said “Appo batu kab ki bani hai and kya kya hai, bool hai? Did you forget it?).

Then Salman announced the least votes for Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Bagga and Arhan. Salman could not contain his laughter and rolled on the floor as he announced that the eviction would take place at midnight and announced the name Bigg Boss.

As soon as Salman leaves, Siddharth fights with Shahnaz and tells him not to hold his hand. He then calls Aarti and asks “which cans to open?” (What do you say the bins will open?) “She even shouts at Rashmi saying that she is talking about her life outside the house. Aarti insists that Rashmi should keep quiet. Arhaan, near Siddharth Gaya and the two started fighting again.

Siddharth shouted at Aarti who was trying to calm him down. Aseem also intervenes and tells Siddharth to shut up. Aarti also went to Rashmi and then asked her to stop talking about the fight, old things and each other. Aarti also asks him not to talk about his house or Siddhartha.

Siddharth said, “Thakeli. Bakwas Karti hain (he follows me, came all the way to Goa!). Has Rekha reminded me, and set? (She could not remember her lines on the set of our show and she wants to talk about what happened on the set? Should I pay attention to all the beans? ”, Siddharth addressing Rashmi against Aarti Screamed.

Aarti tries to stop Aseem, who also asks Siddharth and Rashmi to stop fighting, but he calms down. “It is a matter of respect for the girl, is it the honor of the girl? (They talk about respect for women, respect for such women?) “Shahnaz shouted at Siddhartha not to calm him and provoke Rashmi. Siddharth also abused Rashmi with words like “Gandh se bhai hu aur”.

Aseem then goes to Rashmi and Arhaan and asks them to calm down. Shehnaz told Asim that he should stay away from the fight, as she was doing.

Vishal also went to Arhaan and told him to either kill Siddharth and get out of the house or ignore him for as long as he can. Vishal tries his best to calm both Rashmi and Arhaan, he asks her to stay with Rashmi as she needed him.

Shahnaz also said that Siddharth should not use bad language, but he shouted at him. “That poke karti hai tu ho jaat hai”

Then, Bigg Boss asked everyone to come out in the garden area and then they welcomed Sunny Leone and Sunil Grover. Bhangra Pa Le stars Sunny Kaushal and Rukhsar came to promote their film, which will hit theaters on January 3. Salman announced that he had the right to the title Bhangra Pa Le and gave it to Ramesh Taurani as he asked that he love the producer. Wishing everyone a very happy new year.


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