BIGG BOSS 13 – Sidharth Shukla physically assaults and threatens Shehnaaz Gill

Bigg Boss 13 has emerged as the only season of reality shows where many contestants have been engaged in physical fights and got injured. In the latest episode, Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill, who claim to be close friends, had an argument that turned serious in no time.

After running with each other for a day, Shehraj finally lost his cool when Siddharth accused Mahira Sharma of being ‘jealous’. As Shehnaaz was seen throwing things, Siddharth dropped him to the ground and threatened him with folding his arms. Shahnaz was shedding tears as he got up and left moments after Siddharth left.

Another viewer questioned Shehnaz about such behavior inside the house and wrote on Twitter, “I can’t find why she always returns to him.” I am lost for words. That’s not right, the fact @ColorsTV is promoting it because entertainment is disgusting it. No one should behave in a way like #BiggBoss13.

Shahnaz has emerged as one of the strongest contenders on the show. The Punjabi actor-singer is now set to bring a major twist to the show with his change in the game plan. In the promo for the upcoming episode, contestants are seen discussing this week’s takedown. While all her friends ask her to save Mahira Sharma from nomination, she refuses to do so. She also says that if Mahira trusts herself she is afraid of being nominated.

(Paras – it is very easy to manipulate Sana, just speak her lovingly and she will be yours. Hum – she is not listening to Sid, who . Paras to manipulate him). “

Siddharth Shukla’s violent Bigg Boss 13 contestant behavior with fellow housewife Shahnaz Gill has not gone well with a section of social media users, including actor Shruti Seth. A video of last night’s episode is circulating on the internet, in which Siddharth is seen beating Shahnaz and twisting his arms.

Sharing the video, Shruti took to Twitter and slapped the girl child bride. “What the hell is this ??? Why are we PROMOTE this TYPE of violence in the name of entertainment in bigg boss house? This guy ColorsTV needs professional help,” she wrote.

Actor and former Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan also tweeted about the incident. Gauhar said in another tweet that while she did not agree with Siddharth, she also blamed Shahnaz for going back to Siddharth whatever he did. “Asjad! I completely agree, but if ure watchin show u know that Sana is allowing this by encouraging in most ways! He’s seen her in previous episodes, slapping her too, at the same time.” Hugging! I think they are themselves. Respect is in their hands, why should anyone be allowed? “She said.

Yes, only when she won’t come back to him and say what is it? Then I will respect him! But if she is really hurt, Shukla says that Karle has become a bit useless, then I am sorry!


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