BIGG BOSS 13 – Sidharth Shukla believes housemates are jealous of Shehnaaz as she is popular outside

The Sunday episode of Bigg Boss 13’s Weekend Ka War was a surprise. On Saturday, we had barred many prisoners from doing their assigned work with special reference to Asim. Due to this there was a lot of uproar. The bone of contention was toilet cleanliness.

Here are the top highlights of tonight’s episode:

In Sunday’s episode, Salman was shocked to see Salman entering Bigg Boss house and heads to the kitchen area. The in-laws went with Salman to the in-laws, while the two assistants went about the cleaning. He built pots, then fridges and gas fields. Not stopping, they then cleaned the washroom, unsold the drain area and storage area.

weekend ka war with salman khan
weekend ka war with salman khan

The participants looked on in embarrassment as Salman was about to work. They apologized to him and requested him to stop, but he would not listen to anyone.

This was the way Salman taught him a lesson. Later when he met her on Mee TV, he asked her to keep the house clean. Knowing the prisoners and how easily they forget things, he asked sarcastically to drill the point – sarcastically, he said that if someone didn’t want to do the cleaning, they could always call him. He never thought that any work is below his dignity ‘, the Dabangg star said.

Although she commended Shehnaz Gill for the effort she had adopted as the captain of the house, she could not figure out why no one wanted to listen to her. He stressed that the ego confrontation of people has made things difficult. Salman asked Shefali Jariwala his honest opinion and he said that inside the house, there was a lot of groupism – if a group had helped a contestant become a captain, he expected it to be a difficult task like cleaning utensils, toilets Will complete The rival team will be awarded.

Siddhartha had a different analysis – he felt that Shahnaz’s closeness to him was one of the reasons. She said that housewives are also jealous because of the fact that she has become popular outside.

It was a time of some depression. As Salman’s birthday had just passed, a celebration expected was a surprise for Salman too – he was asked by Bigg Boss to go to the arena room. Upon entering he found that the walls were decorated with moments of his 10-year journey with his poster and Bigg Boss. It was an emotional moment as overwhelmed Salman had tears in his eyes.

More surprise was waiting for Salman – when the prisoners paid him a dance tribute. Vishal Aditya Singh and Aseem (oh oh jaane jaana), Siddharth and Shehnaaz (Ishq Di Chashma), Paras and Mahira Sharma (the character is Dhela), Shefali Zariwala (MashaAllah), Rashmi Desai and Arhan Khan (what Saathiya did in mind). Bagga, Aarti Singh and Madhurima (Prem Lagan Dham Pe) and finally the whole team swag to welcome everyone and entertain Salman.

Soon it was time for a new assignment. Here’s how it flowed – the prisoners were divided into two teams. They had to choose a face for each of the following categories – fraud, politics, gossip and crime. When Aseem was chosen as a ‘chela’ and put in the category of crime, an ugly battle broke out. Siddharth was dubbed the goon of Bigg Boss 13.

Soon it was time for another task. Accordingly, a wall of memories was erected. There was a box containing two pictures of each contestant with some memory attached to them. Each one had to choose a picture of the co-contestant and throw the other.


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