BIGG BOSS 13 – Sidharth fights with Rashami, Shehnaaz, Arti and Asim

TV actor Siddharth Shukla, who has had the most fights inside Bigg Boss 13, not only played horns with his favorite rivals – Aseem Riaz and Rashmi Desai, he also had a fight with Shehnaz Gill, who shares a sweet relationship with him , And old friend Aarti Singh.

Here are all the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

The episode ended with Devoleena Bhattacharjee coming on set and saying goodbye to everyone. She said that her outlook changed after exiting the house. He also said that he first felt that Siddharth Shukla was imposed, but now he realized that he has anger, but he is not at heart. He said that all one needs is a good friend.

She also said that Rashmi is unable to express her feelings at the right place and this is a hindrance to her behavior. She also said that Rashmi is losing her track. Devolina received a strong welcome inside the house.

Devoleena then hosted her talk show, OMG with Devolina. He calls Rashmi as the first guest and asks her if she has not known about Arhaan’s child. Rashmi replies that Arhaan assures her that he will prove his side once outside the house. Devolina stated that she should have waited to complete the show before proposing. Devolina called Shehnaz and Paras-Mahira in two separate chats. Siddharth was also called.
Then Salman Khan celebrated his birthday with Sunil Grover who came on the stage of Bigg Boss as Salman’s wife.

Salman then met the housewives and tasked them to pledge to others. Shehnaz was asked and said she would “not make a lover” and would focus on her work.

Salman said that he was on the drive with Govinda and someone misbehaved with him. Govinda then asked Salman to follow him and then stopped him to say, “Your mother, my mother.” (Your mother is my mother)


Aseem said that Siddhartha should control his temper, take care of his health and remember “Inky maa my mother and his behen my maa.” (Your mother is my mother and your sister is my sister). Arhan said that Siddharth should talk more politely with women.

Vishal wanted Rashmi to speak clearly, as his views and Salman made fun of the fact that he stated Rashmi’s views clearly. Madhurima said that Aarti should avoid using friends and should maintain their friendship well. Shahnaz said that Rashmi should talk about their relationship. Shefali Bagga wanted Rashmi to be strong inside the house. Aarti said that Madhurima should focus on her relationship rather than keeping an eye on the behavior of others. Shefali Jariwala said that Madhurima should wake up early.

Paras said that Asim should inspire fans to keep their houses clean and Salman tricked them into saying that Sankalp had implemented them as well. For others, if he had some free time.

Mahira said that Aseem should also take care that he does not give equal response to Siddharth’s anger and control his anger. Siddharth said that Shahnaz should “switch on” his mind.

Salman then assigned another assignment, which he claimed he fooled as a six-year-old child. Each contestant must paint the face of a co-housewife they want to target to win the Big Boss trophy.

Mahira chose Paras, while Paras painted Siddharth’s face. Shefali Jariwala painted Asim’s face. Aarti picks up Rashmi and Shefali Bagga shades Paras’s face. Shehnaz picked up Paras and said that it would be equal if Siddharth wins the trophy or he wins it. Madhurima colored Shehnaaz’s face and Vishal also took Shehnaaz. Arhan painted Aseem’s face, while Rashmi also painted Aseem’s face and Aseem chose Rashmi.


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