BIGG BOSS 13 – Salman Khan announces Shefali Bagga is eliminated from the house

Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 was a mixed experience as Kangana Ranaut entered the house and had fun with the contestants, even continuing their fights.

Here are the top highlights of tonight’s episode:

The episode begins with Salman Khan talking about the major fights of the week. She began with the issue of food being the top topic for change among housewives. Paras insisted that Mahira Sharma made a huge effort to make rotis for everyone, while calling others ungrateful. During the conversation, Paras responded on behalf of Mahira and even continued to explain them on her behalf.

Mahira started crying because Salman told her that if everyone feels that the food is full of negativity, then there must be some truth to it.

A calling woman asked Mahira if she only wanted to be in Siddharth’s good books, but she said that she had already shared a good relationship with Shehnaaz, before he made a friendship with her.

Salman also made fun of Sahanaz’s house key and everyone joined in laughing. He asks Shehnaz if she changes her home, but she says people can enjoy her until she returns, unaware.

weekend ka war with salman khan
weekend ka war with salman khan

Earlier, Rashmi Desai discussed with Arhan Khan and Asim Riaz that her house was being misused by people who had access to the keys. She also claimed that she changed her house locks twice due to some issues with some people.

Another caller also asked Rashmi if she said that she would like to use Aarti Singh because of her emotional attachment when Arhaan was thrown out. Aarti is clearly shocked to hear this, though Rashmi clarifies that it was Asim who said, it would seem to Aarti that she was trying to use him.

After a task where the family had to decide the weak contestant between Mahira and Rashmi, Mahira emerged from the weak. Salman also asked him to fight his fight, in which everyone believed that he should not ignore these comments. However, Siddharth later tells Mahira not to take the comment to heart.

Soon, Kangana reached the stage to promote Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s film Panga and also sang the song Himachali for Salman – Morni.

When he entered the house with co-star Jassi Gill, he arranged for an act in which Siddhartha was tried. He also danced with Kangana in the midst of sisters and was greatly influenced by his efforts. Siddharth joked when he said, “I will take you from Ladki,” do I?

Please open the doors “Soon, Shahnaz started crying but when Aarti and Shefali Bagga asked him, he claimed that he cried because he felt like he was someone from his house – Jassi. Jassi also danced with Shahnaz on Hali Huli.

After announcing that Shefali Bagga and Mahurima Tully are with at least two votes for the week, Salman quit the task of ending Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss then asked the housewives to decide who would leave the game at this point. Except Shehnaz, everyone wanted Shefali to leave the house. He was then dropped from the show. Salman also announced that Shefali is the latest to be dropped from the show.


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