BIGG BOSS 13 – Rashami Desai touches Mahira Sharma’s feet after ugly fight

Bigg Boss 13: There was an ugly fight between Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai at Bigg Boss house, which finally ended with Rashmi touching Mahira’s leg.

The latest episode saw an awkward moment in Bigg Boss 13, as Rashmi Desai touches Mahira Sharma’s feet after an ugly fight. The two debated after hearing Mahira talk about Mahila talking about Vishal Aditya Singh.

Rashmi used a bad word for Mahira, ‘Ga *** ch’, which was later overheard. Mahira loses her cool and accuses her of returning it. He also called Rashmi “aunt”. Rashmi touched her feet and told her that she was not talented enough to hurt people or speak ill of them. Mahira also accused him of being sweet in front of the people and then calling them evil behind their back.


Many viewers described Mahira Sharma as the most disturbing contestant in the house. Requesting the channel to take pity on him, a viewer wrote, “Mahira Sharma, you deserve the most annoying personality award”. Itna irritating koi kaise ho skta hai yaar !! @ BiggBoss Raham kr do yar .. Ab aur nhi ​​sun skte is #MahiraKaun ko .. kr rin hain in my ears .. Bakhsh do humein (can make anyone so upset). Take it any more. Please pity us) ”.

Another tweet, “Mahira Sharma has been a very irritable day by day . Whenever she opens her mouth, fuck. @RashamiDesai you did well because there is no use arguing with him .. “

Speaking in support of Rashmi, one viewer said, “I have never seen an irritable girl like her.” A woman who is older than him is touching her feet and she is still standing. Like, where did your love madam? (Where are your etiquettes madam?). “Another Twitter user wrote,” Mahira is super upset! So weird she is nominated and after the effect of her nomination! I wish he was out this week! “

However, Mahira’s fans soon came in support of her and praised her for confronting Rashmi. Fully exposed #RashmiAunty said what she does #SidharthShukla each and every word was gold! Sid we love you.”


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