BIGG BOSS 13 – Last Week Eliminations Done

Bigg Boss 13 began on November 3 with Salman Khan coming on stage, and the song playing was “Ishq Di Galli Witch No Entry.” Salman Khan looks dapper with his light gray shirt and charcoal gray pant.

Crime and Rashmi Desai, Shefali Bagga, and Devoleena understood in the final week. They came on stage and were welcomed by Salman Khan. Salman asked the three contestants who they wanted to be evicted in return, they named him Aarti and said that he wanted to eliminate them. Gauri then came on stage and spoke with the Eliminated Girls. Gauri told these three contestants about Not Out Going All Out, and did not give her 100%. Then Arhan Khan started coming on stage and after seeing them, he realized how they ended up.

Check out these three contestants from the Salman Khan show
Then Bigg Boss took the audience inside the house and showed the after effects of elimination. The group of Paras, Mahira, Shefali, Rashmi, and Devolena is broken in these elimination. The Other Group Aarti, Shahnaz, Siddharth and Aseem interacted. Aarti looked very happy and said that she is proud as Rashmi and Devolina. Shehnaaz then shared her thoughts and said how she got out in a fight with the girl, and he left her characterless.

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Then Arhan Khan inside the house, and all the contestants welcomed him. Siddharth Shukla and Aseem know that Arhan had told that he would not be able to stay in the House. Arhan Khan said that there were a lot of rumors against Ham and he is not like that at all.

Shefali then went inside the house, and Geet agreed to get to know her with Kanta Laga. Shefali surprised Rashmi and Devolena with knowledge of eradication.

Kesari Lal Yadav and Rani Chatterjee performed on stage and Bhojpuri songs and performances entertained the audience. Rani came to see Kesari and wished him inside the house. The Bala movie cast came and asked Kesari Lal some questions. Then Kesari Lal entered the house, and Arhaan got to know him very well and welcomed him first.

Hindustani also went inside the Bhau house, and was welcomed by Arhan, and he met with the family. He spoke with all the housewives, and he corresponded very well with all the housewives.

Himanshi moves inside Khurana House, and she is Shehnaaz’s contestant. Shahnaz started with her entry into the house. Shehnaz started crying and reacted completely to his entry. He blames Bigg Boss for his admission and says Bigg Boss plants this.

Tehseen Poonawala also came on stage and Gauri also came and talked to Tehseen and asked him. Tehsen then passed his remarks about the contestants and asked the audience to vote for them.

Tehsen then enters the House and interacts with all with great enthusiasm. All the housewives are shocked with the energy coming into the house.
Then the Big Boss House Captain game started and every contestant named at least the housewife. Most contestants took the name of Mahira and Aarti, but Bigg Boss said that it was a twist and it was a captivity task. Aarti has become the captain of the house. Then for the first time the Captain’s Room was inaugurated in the House for the first time. Bigg Boss later revealed his compulsion and encouragement to become a captain.

Shehnaz Himanshi starts talking to go to Khurana, but Himanshi ignores him and says that she does not want to talk to him. Himanshi said that if Shehnaz apologizes to her parents on national television, she forgives them.


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