BIGG BOSS 13 – Himanshi Khurana sends messages to Asim Riaz


Singer Himanshi Khurana has sent messages for Bigg Boss 13 contestant Aseem Riaz through two people and is expected to receive them. Himanshi entered the show as a wild card contestant, but was voted on shortly thereafter. Where Himanshi is engaged and committed to her fiancé, Aseem often expresses his love for her on the show.

Himanshi tweeted on Tuesday evening, “Maine do logo ko msg dia hai …… I hope mil jaye #HimanshiKhurana.” She followed this with some clarity on the meaning of her tweet. “#Asimriaz. Celebrities ke haath message bhijwaaya hai Asim ke liye.”


Maine do logo ko msg dia hai …… I hope to find H #HimanshiKhurana #simriaz

  • Himanshi Khurana (@realhimanshi) 31 December 2019
    Himanshi developed a strong bond with Aseem during his short stint in Bigg Boss and gave him full support. Aseem, who had previously been under the shadow of Siddharth Shukla, started fights with him and soon became rival for him just a few days after Himanshi entered the house as a wild card contestant.

“He (Siddharth shukla) is a very aggressive. Himanshi said after coming out of bigg boss house .Their only agenda, if no task can be accomplished, is to hurt the opposing member. And what did he get in return? Just two weeks of enrollment. Just. Aseem suffered multiple injuries. He had three pain relievers at the same time and was also given two injections of pain relievers. An overdose of painkillers knocked him unconscious. “

Salman Khan asked for a gift, brother-in-law Aayush said that bringing the rectangle into this world that day was a conscious decision.

With their latest tweet, Himanshi and Aasim fans expressed their wish on Twitter, saying that he personally sends a message to Aseem and goes to meet him at home. “Pata na aap for celebrities @realumarriaz ko msg dena voice will definitely bring your love to Aseem beyond your own message” Hi Sandesh Doge to LaShi Gae #siManshi fans, “one wrote.

Celebrities ka to pata nahi aap @realumarriaz ko msg dena voice will surely share asim ko par aap khud aa kar hi msg doge to bahut hi acha lage ga #AmManshi fans ko

  • Rajput Hitesh (@ RajputHitesh7) December 31, 2019

I just hope you go to family week
To meet asim but now it breaks my heart

We remembered #AsiManshi

*Wait for me* #AsimRiaz as I am waiting for you outside uh himanshi twitter # BB13 holding tons”

Himanshi you are the sweetest soul, thankyou n vibes for giving us continuous positive energy, you are seriously loving ans #Assimanshi

  • Mahishaho (@damahish) December 31, 2019
    “I hope this is” Wait for me #AsimRiaz as I am waiting for you to watch out for the UH # BB13 Trophy “Himwan you are the sweetest soul, thanks for constantly giving us positive energy, you Seriously loving, ”and one.

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