Shehnaz Gill’s father Tell her to stay away from Sidharth, calls Paras her biggest ‘enemy’

A lot of drama is going to happen in Bigg Boss house tonight. While former lovers Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli will again be at the loggerheads, some family members of the contestants will come to see them.
In tonight’s episode preview teaser, Madhurima and Vishal can be seen throwing water at each other. Bigg Boss warns them to stop harming Mike and the camera. But both are invincible.

Other contestants intervene but in vain. Bigg Boss then announces the punishment for both but Vishal refuses to accept it. He asks Bigg Boss to leave the house. Rashmi with teary eyes tries to stop him.
Keeping in mind the family week, Krishna Abhishek comes to meet his sister Aarti. He tells her how people now recognize him as Aarti’s brother. Krishna says that he is extremely proud to play a dignified game.

Mahira’s mother Paras talks to Chhabra and tells him that his girlfriend Akanksha Puri is a good girl. She calls Mahira only her friend at home. She leaves the house to warn him.
Shehnaaz’s father enters and tells him to stay away from Siddharth Shukla. He also tells her that Paras Chhabra is his biggest ‘enemy’ (enemy). He also exposes Paras to others.

VISHAAL AND MADHURIMA -Vishal throws water on Madhurima, she hitting him with a pan on his butt

Former lovers Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli will create history by fighting physical and property damage in Bigg Boss 13‘s house.
In the teaser of tonight’s episode, Rashmi Desai asks Vishal Aditya Singh to make a cup of tea.

Madhurima Tuli asks him to make it for her as well, but Vishal refuses. He tells them that he will make only one cup.

In another example, Aseem Riaz favored Vishal. He tells Rashmi and Madhurima that she is taking a stand for Vishal. For this, Madhurima tells him that it is important to do so as Vishal does not know how to speak for himself.

Vishal told him that ‘I don’t want any of the lunges’. Madhurima keeps talking about Vishal. She comes to him and tells him how she is trying to avoid him and he should learn something from it. He asks her to deflect attention.
Madhurima tells him that she does not want the material and starts teasing him by calling him ‘Behenji’.
Vishal lost his temper and threw water from the bottle. They start running after each other and keep throwing water. In the process, the two eventually end up harming the camera and the house-kept Mike and himself.

Enraged, Vishal tells Madhurima ‘the mind is full.’ While fighting, Madhurima hits Vishal with a pan. He also abuses her. Vishal asks him not to show ‘aukat’.

Bigg Boss scolds them both for their violent behavior. He declares punishment for them but Vishal refuses to accept it. Instead, he tells Bigg Boss that he wants to leave the house.

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