BIGG BOSS 13 -Devoleena asks Rashami if she faked not knowing about Arhaan’s child

TV actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who was one of Bigg Boss 13’s strongest contenders, recently returned home and slapped her best friend – Rashmi Desai on the show. She was also seen flirting with Siddharth Shukla.

In a promo video for Monday’s episode, the show’s makers have revealed that Devolena will return home to bid farewell to her former housewives. She asks Rashmi, “Arhan has not considered it so bad. Pretending that you are not able to do it? (Arhan hid such a big thing from you, were you pretending you didn’t know about his child?) “

Everything he told Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan and his family reminded Rashmi.Your family, Salman saheb, everyone spoke to you, you are listened to by one, and you have dreams from another party. (Are you so blind in love that you proposed in just two days? Salman sir, and your family told you something but you ignored). “

The video opens with Devoleena looking at Siddharth in a throne-like chair, as he responds with a similar gaze. he adds, “Absolutely. Wahi se karaha hu (Really, what I’m doing).”

In late November, Devolina dropped out of the show midway when her back pain increased and doctors advised her to bed rest. He sent Vikas Gupta inside the house on his behalf, and he also spent a few days on the show.

Although Devolina was to make a comeback to the show earlier, last week Bigg Boss announced that she would not return as a contestant due to her health.

The animosity between Bigg Boss 13 contestants Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla is increasing day by day. The makers have now released a new promo of the upcoming Bigg Boss Somwar Ka War episode in which Siddharth has revealed how Rashmi once chased Goa like a hunter.

In the promo, Rashmi is shown showing a caller why Siddharth had apologized to her earlier, why did she quarrel with him. Though Siddharth disagrees with the caller, saying that he never apologizes to Rashmi, the two eventually start fighting once again as host Salman Khan watches from the television screen.

His fans got angry after watching him fight and got divided on Twitter. She agreed to it, but still continues to drag her personal life inside – apologies, pe fights, dialogue and whatnot (Sauri said, fought on sets, dialogues and whatnot). Is the respect of the woman, Ammi’s? Go Sid, defend yourself. So much! (Woman is respected, not man. That’s all).

We want to watch Bibi home game !! No. Their personal problems !!!” Another viewer promo Commented, “Kuch shame karo shukla. You are talking about a woman on national TV. At least after Om’s witty style, there is something wrong with the most serious of her upbringing in Bigg Boss history.”

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Somvar Ka Vaar episode will see Devolina Bhattacharjee return to the show when she left home to undergo treatment for severe backache. Another promo shows her Rashmi about befriending Arhan Khan despite knowing about her child.


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