BIGG BOSS – 13 Asim Riaz reason for Himanshi Khurana break-up – Mahira said she hates Rashmi

In BIGG BOSS 13 HOUSE Aseem Riaz is at a happy height ever since he came to know that Himanshi Khurana ended his relationship with Beawar Chow.
But Salman Khan gives Asim an ear and blames him for Himanshi’s break-up.

Himanshi first said about being in a relationship before entering the house. She also talked about her boyfriend Chow in front of Aseem. However, after knowing all these, Aseem cannot help but fall for him.

Salman says that Himanshi’s boyfriend shut him down saying that he did not like what he saw on TV. Salman then goes on to tell Aseem that now Himanshi is single and he loves her, he has to take care that nothing goes wrong in the relationship. Aseem promises to take care of Himanshi with all his heart.

In Family Week, Shefali’s husband Parag informed Asim that Himanshi had called off her engagement. Asim confirmed her when her brother Omar entered the house. Omar had told him that everything was fine and Himanshi was waiting for him.

The episode of Bigg Boss 13 tonight (January 19) has a lot of entertainment for the audience.

Salman, Sara Ali Khan and Karthik welcome Aryan in the preview teaser. Both are seen mimicking the contestants, thus creating an atmosphere of laughter in the house.
When Salman interacts with the contestants, he sees another side of Mahira Sharma’s personality.
Mahira breaks her silence and gets into a fight with Rashmi Desai. The former later states that she does not even talk to him. She accuses Rashmi of cutting back and forth.
Rashmi tells her that she knows that Mahira has a problem with him.
Enraged, Mahira yells at Rashmi and tells him how much she hates him.

In the episode which aired last night, Salman Khan blamed Aseem Riaz for Himanshi Khurana and admitted Chow’s break-up. He also explained how he would have to be responsible in the relationship.
Aseem assured Salman that he would take care of Mahira.
Also, Madhurima Tuli was evicted last night. Salman shared that his behavior was inappropriate, and blamed them both for the malpractice.


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