Bigg Boss 13 starts with Shefali in front of the main door, and she wants to get out of the house, asking Bigg Boss to open the main gate. The housemates come to the main door and ask Shefali to go to the confession room and talk with Bigg Boss.

In the evening Asim wants to drink a tea and Siddharth Shukla goes to the kitchen to make it and Devoleena asks for the tea jar. Aseem then came to Paras and asked him that he was a man and told Devoleena not to do these things. Asim and Paras scramble, and the situation gets heated. The two housemates began bouncing their chests with each other and came to the rescue and prevented the fight. Paras asks Bigg Boss to let him enter the confession room.

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Paras asks Bigg Boss to get out of the house if these things remain with him. Paras warns Bigg Boss that he will take vengeance and repent to Asim, Aseem and Paras exchanging heat comments to silence each other if he comes to her again. Aseem turns to Rashmi for speaking bad things about herself, which Rashmi calls Asim Maid as being out of control.

Siddharth Shukla then went to Rashmi and told her not to hide the grocery. Devolina then interrupts and tells that she has not hidden the things that protect her so that things do not end.

Bigg Boss then summons Paras, Aseem and Siddharth Shukla to the confession room and asks them to behave calmly and appropriately. Bigg Boss warns these contestants to behave like human beings and do not engage in battle with each other. Shehnaz called Shefali sorry, Shefali did not answer her to leave the room. Paras then comes to the bedroom and offers to join Aseem, Aseem decides to join hands with him and tells Paras that he should not cross the border. If he does, Asim will face him again.

In the garden area, Shefali was putting mud on Shahnaz placard with Shahnaz face printed. Paras then came out into the garden and asked all the family to calm down and behaved humanely as Bigg Boss and told him in the Confession Room. Devolina then started screaming, and Rashmi consolidated her.

Siddharth Shukla calls Rashmi and talks to her that everyone should stay after the task. Rashmi, along with Siddharth and Siddharth, made their remarks clear. Both come to the point that things should calm down.

Shefali then refuses to sleep with Aarti on the same bed and asks Paras to do the same. Aarti gets emotional on hearing this and starts crying in the store room. Siddharth Shukla told Aarti not to cry and go to bed and sleep where she has been sleeping since day one.

Day 27 comes in the morning and the song “All Is Well” rings on the speakers. Siddharth Dey starts dancing, and the others start playing with each other.

Siddharth Shukla inquires about the cutlery washing and Paras and Aarti that they are talking about dish wash. And everyone comes to the point that everyone will fulfill their honorable duties. Siddhartha also considers Asim and Shahnaz as duties.

Shehnaz then asks Bigg Boss why he didn’t call her in the confession room, and he becomes jolly jolly. Then Things Little Light Mood, Aarti, Shahnaz Siddharth, and Aseem begin kudling with each other.

Then the celebration of Diwali started and Diwali sat at home watching the cashback task. In which household members will have to eat crisp packets. Then 2 teams and placed with the highest MRP and inside the box to find crisp packets outside the home to meet the needs of the team.

Then all the crunchy MRP packets will be added and the team with the highest MRP will win and there will be a delay in eating. Then later the task ended and the team consisted of Devolina, Siddharth Shukla, Shahnaz, Aarti and Aseem Von. Devolina announced the verdict. Hate Things End and Bigg Boss The episode ended with good vibes.

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