BIGG BOSS 13 – Arhaan Khan refutes rumours of misusing Rashami Desai’s money and house

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhan Khan, who has been excluded from the latest show, has insisted that the rumors that he is misusing girlfriend Rashmi Desai’s money and her house are false. Arhan has been ruled out of the game for the second time – he initially entered as a wild card entry and was then re-posted for the first time.

  • On re-entering the house, Arhan showed Rashmi a ring.

“Rashmi and I have been good friends for some time. I always had an extra key in his house and I don’t know who is spreading these rumors and why. I was inside that house when all these rumors began to happen that five-six members of my family were staying in Rashmi’s house in his absence. I think it was unfounded and it became clear, ”Arhan told the Times of India in an interview.


He also claimed that he would never think wrong for Rashmi, his statements on his bankruptcy were blown out of proportion. “My statement about Rashmi’s bankruptcy was blown out of proportion. I can never think or say anything wrong about Rashmi.

There are times when you are not mean by some things, but you say them. I had also made it clear with Rashmi that I did not mean to tell her or say anything wrong about her. In fact, I always think well of him. When I talked about her bankruptcy, I meant that she is a very independent girl and despite facing so many obstacles in life, she has managed to reach very far. But the words were misunderstood and I apologized to Rashmi as well. She understood and the matter was resolved.

Talking about Rashmi and her own quarrel with Siddharth Shukla, Arhan told the daily that quitting the show might not resolve the issues he had. “We wanted to be there and raise the issue. Why would we leave a show that is giving us a platform to represent and earn a name.

I think you all understand what lad esi ladki means and the way I am brought up, I can never say or talk about a girl like this. But he tried to justify himself that he didn’t mean it. I think he is raised this way and he has a habit of talking to girls in this way.

Siddharth had called Rashmi “such a girl” during a fight and created a lot of furore inside the house. Even the show’s host Salman Khan slapped Siddharth for his remarks.


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